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Gem Shadou are a composer duo consisting of siblings and amazing Singers Cece and Joce.
Gem Shadou had entered the era of music back in 2018. The duo begin to perform at local venues and were soon becoming the talk of the town in Ontario, Canada and beyond. Their first release, ‘The Crappy Song’ was released in November 2020 followed by their highly anticipated second single, ‘What’s Goin On’ as they are gearing for their 1st album.
Stay tuned for the soon launching song “I’m Alive”
Gem Shadou are available for bookings, guest appearances and interviews. Feel free to get in touch to learn more.





What a unique and memorable experience with Gem Shadou. At the Community Through Music Event, funded by the City of Toronto, which brought our vibrant community together through music and art, Gem Shadou was the crowd’s favorite amongst 12 distinguished performance. I am short of words for these young ladies because of how amazing, professional and inspiring they are. We are now your fans for life, and can not wait to see what comes next. The sky is your limit!

Destin Bujang

Executive Director, Black Creek Youth Initiative

These two talented young ladies have places to go. It amazes me to see the talent they have without effort. They produce their style of what they want at  a tender age. They are very instrumental. Together, they work as a team. I had the pleasure of working with them on a few of my shows and they are nothing but miraculous. They are very well brought up and I support what they are doing. I am here to continue helping them the way its suppose to be. Joce and Cece, all the best on your new track! What’s Goin on in the world?

Joel Davis aka The Connector

International Recording Artist

Gem SHADOU is a powerful and dynamic musical duo. They are poised to take on the world.

Mwalimu Sankofa

Pan African Radio Programmer

We had the pleasure of our first professional encounter with Gem Shadou, when they attended a very high level and intense music business workshop series ”The Goods On Music” with their mother. We were all very impressed with their desire to learn. At the young age of 11, these multi-Threat girls have the hunger and passion to succeed! Their future is bright!

Tina Cole aka Mama Swag

I have been around the block a few times, over the last year and a half I had the privilege to be introduced to what I would refer to as gifted young musicians – the twins. Gem Shadou, the sounds they bring, the poise they show, great confidence way beyond their age we are blessed to behold the rise of greatness in our community.

Lion Julian M Austin Oly

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Gem Shadou releases new single, “What’s Goin On”

Toronto, ON-based tween twin sister duo, Gem Shadou have released a lyric video for their latest single, “What’s Goin On”, a modern afrobeat pop-rock track that holds the same sentiment as the Marvin Gaye song of the same name. The visualizer video is in black and white, somewhat…